Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan started the season in great form and he quickly established himself as one of the better midfield options in Draft Fantasy.

However, it is important that those that do own him watch his form closely and make an informed decision about keeping him in their squad or not.

At the time of writing, the Armenian international has a lot of value in the game and would be an attractive player to offer out on a trade. That said, his value is falling with every passing week and his form is a concern for those who do own him.

Manchester United showed no attacking intent during their away match against Liverpool and that didn’t play to Mkhitaryan’s strengths. He was withdrawn after 60 minutes and offered little threat throughout his time on the pitch.

This was the third Premier League match that he was substituted early and that is one of the big reasons why he is losing fantasy value. He cannot score points if he is not on the pitch.

After contributing five assists during the first three matches of the season, Mkhitaryan has not had one since and he has only scored once during the opening eight games. The United attacker isn’t doing enough to justify having him in your squads anymore.

Currently, he is the fourth highest-scoring midfielder in the game with 57 points. However, Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sane are making ground on him. Either Manchester City player looks to be better option than the Armenian, at present.

The upcoming fixture list looks tough on United, both in terms of difficulty and timing.

The Red Devils have six matches in the next 18 days. They will have to rotate to ensure that key players don’t suffer injuries and that means there are no guarantees that Mkhitaryan continues to start every Premier League match.

During that time, they have fixtures against Tottenham and Chelsea in the league. Based on Jose Mourinho’s side’s lack of attacking intent against Liverpool, it would be likely that the Armenian isn’t a great option to field in either of those game weeks.

The initial wave of great form is over and Mkhitaryan has lost a lot of Draft Fantasy value in recent weeks. He has contributed one goal and no assists in the last five Premier League matches.

For a player who will be one of the higher ranked players in your line-up, that is nowhere near good enough. It seems that the Armenian will go through spells of good form and then not contribute for a number of weeks.

That is okay for a player in a mid-table team, but considering he is playing for a title contending side, he needs to be doing more to justify a place in your Draft Fantasy team.

It is now the right time to offload him and, with an attractive match against Huddersfield Town at the weekend, it will be possible to convince a rival manager to take him. There are a lot of good players who would be better options.

Sane and Sterling were both mentioned earlier, while Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho is producing really good underlying numbers. It is only a matter of time until he starts to score big points.

Mkhitaryan is above all three when it comes to points scored currently, but now is the time to offer him up, as his form is unlikely to improve until after the next international break, at the earliest.