Month: June 2020

Champions: Pick Up or Drop?

This is a guest post contributed by Warren Smith. Champions: Pick Up or Drop? By Willian’s penalty kick and swift 7-point game week score, Liverpool fans rejoiced as the Premier League title was confirmed at Stamford Bridge; but what does that mean for Draft Fantasy Football? Jürgen Klopp has already indicated his ambition for the post-victory duration; as there are league records to beat including; biggest points total, the largest margin of victory and even winning PL every home game. With such a professional manner set by the German manager, it would seem sensible to retain the Liverpool players...

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Why Should You Play Fantasy Football?

Anything associated with football, the most popular sport in the world, is likely to gather up the same kind of passion that fans have for their favourite players and teams. For a lot of people, the word fantasy isn’t impressive enough as it takes a shift away from real life into what is supposedly a make-belief world. However, in the case of football, or for that matter, any sport with a fantasy league, things are a little different.  Fantasy football, for someone not in the knowing, is when everyday people make a virtual team featuring real players that they...

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Moving to Draft Fantasy from DugoutFC

With the Premier League finally returning, fantasy managers are ready to finish the Draft Fantasy season! We’ve had a lot of interest from people who want to switch their league to Draft Fantasy from platfroms like DugoutFC. This may not be relevant for current Draft Fantasy managers, but for managers who’d like to make the switch to Draft Fantasy from another former  draft fantasy provider like DugoutFC, here is a simple step-by-step guide. In short switching to Draft Fantasy consists of creating a league, all the managers from your other fantasy provider joining that league, each manager putting the players...

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