Ever wanted to manage a football team, but never had the opportunity? Think you have the tactical prowess to out master Ferguson, Mourinho or just your friends? Draft Fantasy Football is the perfect opportunity to show off your managerial skills. In Draft Fantasy each person in your league picks a unique squad of 15 players in what is known as “the draft“. The draft progresses turn by turn until all squads are filled up.

Create or Join A League

The first thing to do when getting started is to register and create or join a league. Once you’re in a league, you can pick which players you’d like to prioritize for the draft. This helps organize for the draft or pick for you in case you’re not around for the draft. This is known as your autopick list. Next comes the draft. This is when you actually pick your squad. It goes in turns with a time limit per turn. Once the draft is over, you can select your lineup. When the season starts, you’ll earn points for each of your players based on their weekly performances. You can change your starting lineup and make trades throughout the year.

For all of the 38 weeks of the Premier League season, you pick 11 players for your lineup and 4 for your bench. Your players score points based on their real performances. The better they perform the more points you score.

Other fantasy games for the Premier League work with a salary cap. This means you pick any team you want as long as it fits the budget. Salary-cap leads to a lot of “template” teams where everyone in your league has picked very similar squads. In Draft Fantasy Football, each Premier League player can only be owned by single team in your league at any one time. If you own Sanchez, no one else in the league can. If somebody wants him, they might have to offer you multiple players to get him off you. Draft Fantasy Football also has smaller leagues with up to 16 teams per league instead of having thousands or millions of similar teams.

Draft is more competitive, social, and  fun than the typical Premier League fantasy football game, and it makes you feel more like a real Premier League manager in a real league with your friends.

Trade with friends, show off your business acumen and footballing knowledge, and mould the perfect team. Whoever has the most points in your league by the end is crowned fantasy footballing champion.