Month: April 2020

Find Out How Harry Kane Scored His Way to a Football Scholarship

Harry Kane appears to be unstoppable, and everyone can vouch for his brilliance and abilities for being best. Many channels featured documentaries on his success stories, such as how a boy from north London suburbs grew as a tremendous goalkeeper. All his teachers, coaches, and even other players told how he was considered pivotal for every match in those 6 years. His dedication and hard work helped him to get the football scholarship, his coach always had something good to say about him as he followed instructions in a relent manner and performed amazingly in the field and applied...

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Moving from RealFF to Draft Fantasy

With the Premier League finally returning, fantasy managers are ready to finish the Draft Fantasy season! We’ve had a lot of interest from people who want to switch their league to Draft Fantasy from RealFF. This may not be relevant for current Draft Fantasy managers, but for managers who’d like to make the switch to Draft Fantasy from another former provider like RealFF, here is a simple step-by-step guide. In short switching to Draft Fantasy consists of creating a league, all the managers from your other fantasy provider joining that league, each manager putting the players from their squad into their autopick list, the...

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The ‘worst’ Premier League XI of the Season

I am sure you are used to articles talking about the ‘best’ things. This time, we are doing the opposite, and we have compiled the worst Premier League XI of the season. This list is based on ratings for players who have been in 15 plus EPL games…. Goalie: Jordan Pickford of Everton Pickford will surprise many people if he is still the number one goalkeeper for the England national team. His league form has been very poor. Pickford has made three great errors which have led to his team conceding. Right-back: Max Aarons of Norwich Despite being an...

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